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How to live a happy life in the light of Quran. ( Part 1)

Written by By : BINTE SAEED MUSCAT 13 May,2013

It is human nature to yearn for happiness. A man strives all his life to attain happiness, usually he goes behind material things to find happiness like money, fame etc, but he never feels inner satisfaction and contentment. How does it come? How can we lead a happy life? This is a million dollar question these days. We do everything to attain happ- iness. We earn money som- etimes without knowing the difference between halal and haram. Some- times we forget our family and our responsibilities in this race but after a long time we come to realize that we are not happy and satisfied. Tension is a common word these days. Mostly you hear these sentences... I am having stress. How can I get rid of day to day problems bla bla bla. You will find both men and women talking about their worries and problems of life which create tension in their lives. How can we overcome this problem? In this connection every month we will discuss some ways which will be helpful to release tension and to make our lives happy.


In this article we wrap up the things we have to do to gain tranquility of heart with the remembrance of Allah. First of all keep it in mind that the solutions of all our problems are in Quran.

In surah Al Baqarah Almighty Allah says;

So remember Me; I will remember you, and be grateful to Me and do not deny Me"

(Ayah No. 152)

Unquestionably, by the remem- brance of Allah hearts are assured.”

(Quran 13; 28)

When we talk about remembrance of Allah, it carries a vast meaning in itself. It includes abundant dhikr of Allah through dua, Prayers and recitation as well as to remember Allah in all our acts. Most af the Muslims are regular in their prayers, dhikr, and recitation no doubt it works but when it comes to our acts we forget Allah.

The prophet S.A.W (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said,

Do not talk too much without remembering and mentioning Allah, for too much talk without mentioning Allah hardens the heart, and the person farthest from Allah is the one with a hard heart. (Tirmizi)

Our heart hardens when we do not remember Allah. How one can be happy and satisfied with a hard heart. The hearts nourishment is the remembrance of Allah and when we don’t remember him, it is no wonder that we feel down for no apparent reason. Remembrance of Allah includes some specified dhikrs such as Subhan Allah, Allah hu Akbar and Alhamdulillah .Always moist your tongue with these dhikrs. And what is the effect of this remembrance? it acts as a polish for the hearts from its rust and causes us to be remembered by Allah . What can be more honorable than being certain that our Lord remembers us?

Remember Allah in all your acts. Always try to be conscious in each and every act. There is nothing special you need to do for remembrance, only follow Quran and Sunnah. In short, you have to spend the life according to Quran. Remember! We all are in examination hall, to pass the exam it is necessary to follow the rules. In this way we will succeed in this world and hereafter. When Allah sees this slave obeying him why not he will remember him.

Whoever comes to Me walking, I go to him at speed


Makings duas, offering prayers and giving charity is usually our routine but do it with heart, feel it. Keep it in mind that all these acts keep a cure for your heart. Your sujood must be live. When help a needy think that it’s a treatment of our heart. As more your feeling will develop it will bring a positive change in your personality.

Remember Allah in times of ease and He will remember you during the times of difficulty


Subhan Allah

And remember your Lord and exalt (Him with praise) in the evening and in the morning.”

(Quran, 3:41)

We know that prophet (saw.)Always remembers Allah that’s why we have duas and dhikrs for almost everything in our lives. Morning prayer, evening prayer , dua when you get up , dua when you go to bed , dua before eating and after eating , dua if you are sick , dua when you go to outside . Practice all these duas in your lives and you will find miracles in your lives. Remember Allah while standing, sitting, eating, sleeping and lying definitely he will respond you. For all this yaqeen is so important. Which comes from inner of your heart.

This is the way He wants you and me to be successful in this world and hereafter. If you’ve a connection like this with Almighty, nothing in the world can bother you.

And remembers Allah much, that you may be successful”.

(Quran, 62:10)

Hazrat Abu hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported:

The messenger of Allah Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “There are two statements that are light for the tongue to remember, heavy in the scales and are dear to the merciful.

Subhan Allah hi wabihamdihi

Subhan Allah il Azim

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